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We'll show you HOW...in 12 weeks!

ONE to TWO HOURS of LEARNING each week for 12 weeks is all it takes to know how to GROW 100 new doors in 12 months...
...are you up to the CHALLENGE?

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Get access to a GROWTH Coach for advice and help anytime.

FAST-GROWTH Strategies and Techniques

    Accelerate your RESULTS with 12 FAST GROWTH and HIGH-PERFORMANCE Strategies, Techniques and Skills to GROW 100 new doors over the next 12 months.

WEEKLY Training Sessions

    Access 1-2 hour weekly training sessions to get your GROWTH LAUNCH-PAD ready...to grow 100 NEW DOORS over the next 12 months.


    Your IGT Exclusive membership gives you and your whole team full access with individual log-in access so you can train together or learn individually at your convenience.

1- 2 HOURS a WEEK is all it takes!

    Got 1-2 HOURS a week to LEARN HOW to GROW? Great! Now you can create your own GROW 100 Launchpad in 12 weeks to find 100 new doors over the next 12 months!

Get a FREE GROWTH Strategy Call

    Successfully complete the 12 week challenge and get a FREE Growth Strategy Call with one of our High Performance Growth Coaches (Valued at $997) to get your growth results FASTER!

The Grow 100 Challenge is a part of the IGT Exclusive Membership

Call a COACH

  • Get access to a GROWTH Coach anytime for advice and help.

FAST-GROWTH Strategies

    LEARN TWELVE High-Powered GROWTH Strategies...handpicked for FAST RESULTS!

WEEKLY Training Sessions

    Access weekly training sessions to get your GROWTH LAUNCH-PAD ready...to grow 100 NEW DOORS over the next 12 months.

    FULL TEAM Access

      Your IGT Exclusive membership gives you and your whole team individual access.

      2 HOURS a WEEK

        Have you got 2 hours a week (or more) to focus on GROWTH? Great...that's all it takes!

      MASSIVE Training Resource Access

        Access over 200 hours of PM Growth, BDM, Social Media Marketing, Fee Scripts and PM Nuts and Bolts Training for the whole team as part of your membership.
      What's your GOAL...or PAIN?
      Do you want to DOMINATE in your marketplace?
      Have you had too many properties SOLD from your rent roll and you need to re-charge your numbers back up?
      Do you need to BOOST your rent roll fee revenue so you can cover more overhead?
      Are you scratching your head trying to figure out a way to generate more leads?
      Are you a BDM and need to reach your targets, or do you just want to go NEXT LEVEL?
      Are you wanting to GROW the value of your rent roll so you have a nice 'nest egg' when you're ready to sell up and move on?

      Whatever your PAIN or NEED...
      the GROW 100 Challenge will take you there!

      What does...
      'Grow 100'?
      Mean To You...?
      What does GROWING another 100 doors over the next 12 months mean to you...?

      For everyone it's different...

      For some of you, this means much better cash flow and for your peace of mind knowing that all your business overheads are covered.

      And for others, you're wanting to grow your business value and take it to the next level.

      For others of you, you just love the thrill of reaching your growth goals and achieving success!

      Before I share with you OUR GOAL for this 'Grow 100 Challenge' for YOU... let's ask you a few questions...
      If you checked ANY of the boxes above, then I want to invite you to join the 'Grow 100 Challenge' and change your Rent Roll SIZE forever! 
      So, Here's How The Grow 100 Challenge Works...
      JOIN our IGT Exclusive Membership (choose from a minimum 12 month or a casual monthly plan) for access with your whole team (if they're based at the same office location).
      Your CHALLENGE (should you choose to accept it) will be to learn, create and set up your own GROWTH LAUNCHPAD over a period of 
      12 weeks...

      ...to then launch and GROW 100 DOORS over the next 12 Months...

      SKYROCKET your Rent Roll Growth over the next 12 months (and beyond)

      Learn 12-WEEK fast-growth strategies, techniques and points of difference skills...

      ...and create your own GROW 100 Launchpad for the future!

      2 hours a week of learning time is all it takes!

      Call-A-Coach for help and advice anytime!

      • #1- Set up STRATEGIC ALLIANCES (Referral Partners)- GROW by identifying and working with Strategic Alliances and know how to locate growth opportunities in your local area and in your business network. Get on board the right referral partners and enjoy being referred warm leads over and over again!  
      • ​#2- Create INVESTOR EDUCATION EVENTS- GROW by knowing how to set up and run successful LIVE and ONLINE Investor Education Evenings to attract property investors who'll want to refer their business (and their friends) to you over and over again!
      • ​#3- Dominate on SOCIAL MEDIA- KNOW how to use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok to reach your target audience, learn what message and post type works best, how to get them to PERCEIVE you to be an expert so your prospects want to give you their business, pay your fees, and IGNORE your competitors.
      • #4- Convert PRIVATE OWNERS- Learn our secret effective conversion method that allowed Deniz to convert EVERY private owner he approached over a 4 year period (that's a 100% conversion rate...LESS only ONE he didn't convert!)
      • #5- Generate ONLINE REVIEWS- How to 'out-review' all your competitors on Google and Facebook and influence COLD PROSPECTS to want you, simply because of the sheer numbers of 'raving reviews' you have compared to the little review numbers your rivals don't have!
      • #6- Grow with your CURRENT CLIENTS- How to approach all your current owners to identify all their other rental properties that are NOT managed by you, and teach you how to effectively convert them to your rent roll.
      • #7- Set up your INVESTOR SUPPORT Service- Know how to identify all the Property Investors in your marketplace right now who are looking for an investment property to buy, so you can connect and become their trusted advisory source. When they do buy you'll automatically get their management, leaving the selling agency unable to also manage their property and 'wonder' what just happened (BEWARE: your competitors will HATE you for this!)
      • #8- Broadcast yourself using EDUCATIONAL Videos- Video now fast tracks your prospective clients trust, impelling them to want to use you (as their perceived expert) and ignore your competitors. 
      • #9CONVERT COLD prospect enquiry fast- We will show you how to fast convert a COLD prospect enquiry to a HOT raving fan using the power of a carefully crafted pre-listing email, effective listing presentation and follow-up SMS video. Even if you get 'I just want to know what are your fees?' we'll show you how to win their trust real fast, and leave your rivals empty handed.
      • #10- ​How to CREATE High IMPACT Memes- IGT is known for their high-impact and engaging social media posts and memes. In this session we reveal all the strategies on how you can get create your own to get high engagement, deep reach, go viral and DOMINATE on social media!
      • #11- Learn EFFECTIVE FEE OBJECTION SCRIPTS- Enjoy CONFIDENCE and overcome EVERY FEE OBJECTION ever likely to come your way from prospective owners by learning fee scripts and effective responses from our fee scripts training and library.
      • #12- Get equipped with POINTS OF DIFFERENCE- Get armed with ten different points of difference that are really working right now, designed to swing the favour of your prospective owners away from your rivals to you, and win your full fees!
      • Learn from over 12 hours of specialist rent roll growth video training sessions - Valued at $5,997
      • Access our exclusive 'Grow 100 Expert Challenge' library with PM growth experts on how to grow 100 doors in 12 months - Valued at $4,997
      • Have a 'Coach on Call' for any questions or advice throughout your growth journey over the 12 months - Valued at $1,997
      • Complete the Challenge and get a FREE Growth Strategy session with a High Performance Growth Coach- Value $997

      Total Package Value $13,988 
      Join now for $297 month/team

      Plus access over a hundred hours of other property management growth, BDM, social media marketing, nuts and bolts and live training videos suitable for the whole PM team- value PRICELESS!

      If you want to get serious RENT ROLL GROWTH happening and start building your business, then this is the mission we’re giving you...
      Do YOU Accept?

      What do others say about this program...

      "I started my business from scratch 10 months ago, and my strategic alliances have referred me HALF of my business growth so far!"

      Shashana McNicol
      Director - Nourish Property
      Perth, WA
      Multiple IGT Award Winner

      "Having now done the Investor Support Services for 4 years, each month we get around 100 property investor enquiries to deal with, resulting in at least 5 new properties a month from this ONE strategy alone.

      Whether Property Investors buy a property through our agency or that of a competitor, our conversion rate is high because of the trust we have already established."

      Julie Collins
      Partner - Altitude Real Estate
      Lake Macquarie, NSW
      Multiple IGT Award Winner

      "...Within the first week of implementation of this strategy in conjunction with our CRM program, we were able to generate 140 new leads."

      Laura Levisohn
      Director - MResidential
      South Perth, WA
      Winner REIA Property Manager of the Year 2016. 2018

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